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Welcome to St. John the Baptist Catholic School Fundraisers.


Welcome to St. John the Baptist Fundraisers!

One of our goals at St. John school is to maintain a low cost tuition for our students without jeopardizing the quality of the education it provides to its students. We are able to accomplish this in part by holding various fundraisers throughout the school year. The success of our fundraisers have been and continue to be a direct result of people who want to make a difference--through their direct involvement, donations or monetary contributions. If you or someone you know would like to make a difference, we invite you to contact us and be a part of our on-going fundraising efforts.
For information on pitching in or making a donation, you can contact our fundraising leaders.


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Race for Education


Winter Festival

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Box Tops for Education

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Margie Malkowski


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Market Day

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Race for Education


Race for education is an annual event held in May/June.  Because this is a non-competitive event, every student starting from K through 8th grade is able to participate. This is a fun way of getting students involved and doing something positive for their school. Students raise money by collecting donations or pledges for walking or running a pre-determined area within our school premises. 


This event not only mobilizes our whole school, but our community as well. Lunch, beverages and desserts are generously donated by our local vendors, families and friends.  Funds raised through this event have helped fund a number of school initiatives, primarily as a tool for keeping tuition costs down!
Winter Festival



This is a three-day “theme” fundraising event usually in February.  Even though this event is during the winter, it always draws a huge crowd. The event offers a variety of opportunities for the entire family to enjoy and have fun. There is plenty of food, entertainment, a game room with prizes for kids, a talent show, and more. 


Who knew you could find butterflies in February?

However, one of the main attractions of this event is the “auction” room, where beautiful baskets and other items are auctioned off.  All proceeds, like our other events, go to our school. In the past funds raised have contributed tens of thousands of dollars to the school's fundraising efforts. In addition to helping the school, the Winter Festival serves as  a wonderful way to bring our school and parish families together as well as provide a family friendly entertainment event to the St. John and Whiting/Robertsdale communities amid the cabin fever of Winter.

Box Tops for Education

This is nationwide fundsraising program launched by General Mills in 1996 to help schools earn cash for things they need like books, computers, etc.  “Since 1996, over 82,000 schools from K-8 have participated”. There are several ways our school benefits from this fundraiser: Clip/cut off  box top coupons from hundreds of your favorite General Mills products such as Cheerios®, Betty Crocker®, Juicy Juice®, Ziploc®, Kleenex®, Hefty® and more and redeem them for cash. On-line purchases—visit the Box Tops Marketplace, you can shop at over 70 online stores like Oriental Trading Co., Office Depot and Lands' End.

A percentage of your purchases goes back to our school! Also by shopping at the Box Tops Reading Room our school can earn up to 6% on purchases made at Barnes & NobleNot a bad deal.  Forever Blue and Gold even covered the benefits of the Box Tops program in a recent alumni newsletter.
Since our involvement in this program, our school has benefited in a variety of ways.  We encourage students, family members and friends, to make sure any time they purchase a General Mills product, to look for the Top Box coupon and remember they too can make a difference by donating those coupons to our school—won’t you do the same?  Place your coupons in an envelope and send them to our school address, attention: Fundraising. St. John the Baptist Catholic School,  1844 Lincoln Avenue, Whiting, Indiana  46394.

The NeighborhoodSavings Spree
"The NeighborhoodSaving Spree" is a fundraiser using a coupon book consistsing of 16 coupons which we personally picked - mainly supporting in the Whiting/Robertsdale area, and also a few surrounding areas.  The book is specifically designed and printed for St. John the can pay for itself by using just one or two coupons!  Another fascinating feature is the online access to thousands of additional printable coupons.  The fundraiser will start Wednesday, September 22nd and end Wednesday October 6, 2010. We are encouraging children to reach out to family and friends but never sell to strangers!
For any/all students who sell their three books by Wednesday, September 29th, they will receive a stuffed frog; the top selling student will receive $50.00 and the classroom(s) with 100% participation will receive $100 for their classroom and a free pizza party, compliments of HSA.  The teacher who sells the most books will receive a $30.00 gift card to Salon Mirage.
Our goal for this fundraiser is $12,000 (we have potential to make over $13,000 if every student at St. John the Baptist sells their three books which are being sent home with them!!!) We are raising this money to purchase new TVs and TV carts for some of the classrooms..we are asking each student to put forth their best effort in helping make our first 2010-11fundraiser a HUGE success! 





The Tuition Reimbursement Incentive Program helps families of St. John the Baptist Catholic School students earn credits for their yearly tuition.  It is a retail-based program that is very simple to use and can earn large tuition reimbursements for families.  Many families have earned more than $100 in tuition reimbursement and some have even earned more than $200!
TRIP works based on the purchase of gift cards or certificates good same as cash at dozens and dozens of national and local retailers.  Order drop off and pick up dates are established during the school year.  On the drop off date, families turn in an order form for the gift cards or certificates they would like to purchase.  Those cards or certificates might be for the local grocery store, or gas station, or maybe even a fast food or electronics store.

Cards and certificates are distributed on the pick up day.  Families then use the cards and certificates just as they would cash when they make their everyday purchases.  Each retailer reimburses a percent of the card or certificate value to the family's tuition fund.  Percent reimbursements vary by retailer from one or two percent to double digit percentages.  Over the course of the school year, even small percentages can add up, meaning nice savings on tuition for a family.

And a family can even earn more!  Consider inviting extended family and friends to order with you.  If you add up what grandma and grandpa, aunts and uncles and neighbors all spend on even groceries in a month, a percent of those weekly expenses can turn into reduced tuition for your school child.  Or what about birthday or Christmas gifts?  TRIP cards and certificates make great gifts and can help save your family tuition expense.


TRIP ordering and pick up will begin in September.  Specific dates will be established soon.  Check take home business for the start date.  When the start is established, you can click below for a TRIP order form and key dates.


Summary Letter from TRIP Coordinators

TRIP Enrollment Form

TRIP Rules - Click Here

TRIP Order Form - Click Here

TRIP Drop Off/Pick Up Schedule - Click Here


Market Day

Market Day is a fundraiser many organizations, including schools, use to provide access to quality foods and services and also capture a portion of program sales for the sponsoring organization. The basic structure is that school parents and parishioners receive a paper menu of available Market Day products or can shop online.  A specific order due date and pick up date are established. Participants can pay with cash or check on pick up day or can pay online.


St. John School will earn 10% of Market Day purchases everytime a Market Day occurs at the school. Does Market Day sound like a small fundraiser? Think again. According to Market Day, St. John School has earned over $80,000 for the school over the years and to date as of  July 15th, 2010. Market Day is a significant way to help keep school costs down.


Market Days happen about once a month. Look in your child's daily business for an order form or find one in the back of the church. Order due dates and pick updates will be noted on the form. If you can't find one, browse Market Day online.


Market Day is a wonderful way for your family to stock up on a good many food items you always keep around the house or in your fridge.  And by purchasing from Market Day, you can help keep tuition costs down!  Never been to Market Day?  Or want to place an order?  Click on the Market Day name in the heading above.  Sign up for your own account or select St. John the Baptist School as your organization.  St. John school's ID number in Market Day is 3766.





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