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St. John the Baptist is fortunate to have many organizations supporting its mission.  Some of the most critical organizations are:


  • School Board
  • HSA
  • Forever Blue and Gold
  • All of our Wonderful Volunteers
  • Altar Servers
  • St. John Band
  • Girl Scouts
  • Boy Scouts


School Board

The St. John the Baptist School Advisory Board serves in an advisory capacity to the Pastor and Principal of the School.  It’s duties and functions are as follows:

  • To implement policies and procedures of St. John School and those of the Diocesan School Office
  • To propose new policies for the School, which become effective only after being approved by the Principal, the Pastor, and the Diocesan School Office
  • To create better understanding and support of the School’s programs in the local community
  • To establish subcommittees on a standing or ad hoc basis, as an ex-officio member requests or as needs arise


  1. Members of the Board shall consist of the Pastor (ex-officio), the Principal (ex-officio), one Teacher Representative (ex-officio) and six parish members
  2. All parishioners 18 years or older are eligible to serve on the School Advisory Board Membership is a four year commitment
  3. Nominations and selections for half of the board (3 members) shall occur every two years

                   St. John School Advisory Board for the 2012-2013 school year

Fr. John Kalicky, Pastor

Marilyn Tomko, Principal

Linda Kazragys, Teacher Representative


The Home & School Association (HSA) serves as a form of communication between the home and school; we try to help offset expenses by raising funds for our school needs and we also sponsor many different activities at St. John the Baptist.  A few of these activities include the annual Christmas Pancake Breakfast, Grandparents' Day, Teacher Appreciation, Graduation activities, Catholic Schools' Week, Science Olympiad and the Back to School Picnic just to name a few.


In order for St. John the Baptist Catholic School to succeed, we rely heavily on the support of our volunteers!  We ask that you participate and show your support to our school and your children.  This is a great opportunity to meet new people, make new friends and help in the success of our school.


To learn more about HSA or find out where you can lend a hand, please feel free to contact Margie Malkowski at 773.727.3596.


Forever Blue and Gold

Mission Statement

Forever Blue and Gold's mission is to:

Assure the legacy of Saint John the Baptist Catholic School lives forever.


Forever Blue and Gold's Goals  
Several goals have been identified.  They include:
• Locating approximately 5200 Saint John Graduates (the present database contains approximately 1,200 names with 400 addresses)
• To continue family spirit and enhance community building (several events are being discussed to bring graduates and their families together)
• To preserve and enhance our heritage
• To renew friendships
• To enrich the Saint John the Baptist Family 


We invite you to take a few minutes to take a step in reconnecting with your history by sharing some information with us.  Please CLICK HERE to obtain a printable information form.  If you have a friend or relative who lives outside of the Whiting-Robertsdale area, please consider passing this brochure on to them, or send us their address so we can contact them.  We can be reached at



Remember the good old days of patrol boys?  Geez.  How about when kids wore suits to school!


Parents of St. John graduates are encouraged to send us you child's current address so that they can be included in our database. The easiest way to communiate with us is to simply send us the information to  our email address:  THANK YOU! 

Our Wonderful Volunteers

As with many Catholic Schools, St. John the Baptist would not be able to fully realize its potential as an institution dedicated to Catholic education without the contribution of time and talent of many of our parents and parishioners.  Many, many wonderful people fill the myriad roles we need to help our school provide a fully rounded experience. 


One given is that all of our parents donate four hours of time to the Winter Festival fundraiser.  The Winter Festival is a large event, needing the time and talent of literally hundreds of people to make it work.  Our parents and parishioners for years have volunteered their time to ensure the Festival can make the large contribution it does to school funding.


But there are many, many other ways that parents and parishioners volunteer at our school. From the lunchroom ,to the nurse's office, to the playground ,to classroom assistants, to field trip chaperones, to the 8th grade play, to coaching our sports teams, our parents and parishioners have a rich tradition of stepping up to help shepherd our students in their years at St. John the Baptist.  


You can help too by becoming a volunteer!  There are only two things needed from every volunteer.  First, give the office a call at 219-659-3042 to find out what area might need help that are most suited to your interests and skills.  Secondly, all volunteers must be VIRTUS trained.  VIRTUS is a Diocesan sponsored program designed to help make all of our volunteers aware of child abuse behaviors not only to be informed, but to be able to identify signs of child abuse.


Please contact the office to learn more on VIRTUS training.  You can also learn more by visiting the VIRTUS website.  CLICK HERE.

Altar Servers

Serving at Mass as an Altar Server is a great privilege and responsibility.  Altar Servers assist not only the priest, but also the entire parish in celebrating the Lord's continuing presence among His people.  

At the beginning of each school year, male and female students in the fourth through eighth grade have the opportunity to commit to being Altar Servers for the upcoming year.  High school students and middle school students who attend schools other than St. John the Baptist are contacted each year to also recommit to serving the parish.


Bishop Melczek celebrating Mass at St. John's Altar



Students who are new to serving are provided training during school masses in order to prepare them for serving parish masses.   Father Kevin instructs the servers. 


Altar servers serve school masses during the school year.  Homeroom teachers coordinate the scheduling of the servers in their classes.

Mrs. Colleen Lannon, a volunteer, coordinates the scheduling of the Altar Servers for the parish masses. Students in the fifth through eighth grade and students in the second half of their fourth grade year are scheduled to serve all the parish masses:  7:00 a.m. weekday masses, 4:30 p.m. Saturday mass, and 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. Sunday masses.  Students in the first half of the fourth grade year, high school students, and middle school students attending schools other than St. John the Baptist School are scheduled to serve weekend masses only.  

Altar servers serve school masses during the school year.  Homeroom teachers coordinate the scheduling of the servers in their classes.  Experienced servers have the opportunity to serve funeral and wedding masses on an as-needed basis.  Colleen Lannon coordinates the scheduling for these masses.

St. John the Baptist Catholic Parish appreciates the Altar Servers for their willingness to serve in this important ministry.  If you have any questions about being an altar server, please make sure to discuss your questions with any of our parish priests!  Current Server Schedule


St. John Band

Content coming soon!


Girl Scouts

St. John the Baptist School and the parish strongly support the scouting program. St. John offers scouting experiences for girls from Kindergarten through the 8th grade. Troops are under the direction of dedicated leaders and the Girl Scouts of the Calumet Council. Our scouting program provides girls with the opportunity to develop lasting friendships, strong leadership skills, self esteem and a direction for their future.


The girls learn good citizenship and participate in community service activities and projects. Troop sizes range from five to thirty girls and the majority of the Troops meet at St. John School after school hours. Registration generally takes place in August/September.   Registration information is sent home with girls from their classrooms. 


For information about the scouting program, visit the Girl Scouts of the Calumet Council website, call the Council at 219.795.3900 or contact a St. John School Girl Scout Recruiter.


Boy Scouts

The Boy Scouts of America provides a program for young people that builds character, trains them in the responsibilities of participating citizenship, and develops personal fitness.


Scouts are active at St. John the Baptist as well.  Cub Scout Pack 204 represents the St. John the Baptist School scout community.  Parents and boys grade 1 thru 5 can become a part of scouting.  On Monday, September 13th, 2010, any interested parents or boys can join the roundup!  Be prepared for fun and excitement in scouting.  Look for more information and an agenda in 1st thru 5th grade boys back packs next week.  Mr Emsing will be the new Cub Master!


For information about local area Boy Scout activities, please visit the Calumet Council website by clicking here.


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